As Above, So Below

“Never stingy with orchestrations … a Power Metal opera with an emphasis on bells, choirs and a harmony that grabs the heart … with this first album, HARTLIGHT leave their mark … succeeds in distinguishing itself both through its almost unique style in France, through its engaging harmonic orchestrations and through a singer who delivered a great interpretation. These are good prospects!”
Power Metal France

9,5 / 10
“… with antique motifs … great orchestrations and choirs … Noémie Allet proves to be a sensational singer, very expressive and with a powerful voice that captivates from the first moment … the Power Metal track ‘The Land Of The Star’ is beautiful with its proud chorus and Allet’s high vocals … all these hits … unpretentious, pleasant and intelligently played symphonic Power Metal without being overly pompous. A simply excellent debut.”
Melodic Metal Sound

8,7 / 10
“… let the soul of your sword speak … first-class band … a real discovery … I was really surprised by their rare qualities, I was almost carried away … This is a band that really deserves our attention …”
Belgian Metal Shredder