the gestation

I’m Noémie Marie, the singer and lyricist of Hartlight. In our relationship, Adrien Djouadou and I shared a dream: to create our own universe, exploring the light and dark shades of human existence. Inspired, we gave life to Hartlight and its first tracks. It wasn’t long before our passion for power metal led us to create an EP on Berserk; ‘From Midland and Beyond’, thus beginning our artistic journey.

The hatching

In January 2024, a new phase unfolded with the oracle “As Above, So Below,” which deeply resonated with our esoteric practices. We set everything else aside to devote ourselves to the creation of this concept album about alchemy, magic and introspection. In three weeks, we wrote, composed, and recorded the eight tracks, like the eight branches of our star, symbolizing the messenger Hermes, and also the writer of the Emerald tablet, protected by the secret of the rose.

the gathering

With the arrival of Adrien Guingal, whose enchanting solos enhanced Adrien D.’s compositions, and the departure of Pierre d’Astora, who left for the countryside to practice alchemy and was replaced by Guillaume Remih on drums, our band was complete.

the rising

Hartlight has found its sonic and thematic identity, a blend of esoteric wisdom and mystery in an unique sound, ready to be shared with the world.